Buoys and Moorings

T he Private Buoy Regulations (PBRs) apply to all private buoys placed as aids to navigation – except those used to mark fishing apparatus, unless otherwise directed by Transport Canada (TC) officials. These regulations exist to make sure that Canadian private buoys meet Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) standards. The PBRs describe the colour, shape, size and markings required for each buoy, as well as the responsibilities of the person(s) placing them. While the requirements for the colour, shape and placement and use of private buoys are the same as those for buoys maintained by CCG, private buoy identification markings must conform to the PBRs - not the number and letter identification system used by the CCG. To comply with the main principles of the PBRs:

1 Do not place a private buoy that will/ may interfere with the navigation of any vessel, or that will/may mislead any boater

2 Do not place a private buoy in any water unless all size, shape and identifi cation requirements are met and all required information is accurate.

3 Make sure that all private buoys meet the Canadian Aids to Navigation System standards and guidelines.

4 Understand that the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communi- ties (the Minister) may require changes to a private buoy, such as size or adding retroreflective-reflective material, when there is a need for improved visibility or better identification.

5 Use, build and install anchors that will keep the buoy in position.

6 Use lighted buoys that meet the Canadian Aids to Navigation System standards, during the hours of darkness or periods of poor visibility.

7 Understand that when a private buoy does not meet legal standards, the Minister may remove or order you to modify it to meet current

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