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Your cottage is an investment!  We are here to help you protect your investment and to maintain the lake and the environment around us for all to enjoy.



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Clean Boating

Did You Know?

Recreational boating is a fun and exciting pastime, BUT, did you know many small critters may be hitching a ride on your boat to a new lake or river? Organisms like zebra musselsspiny waterflea, or even aquatic plants may tag along for the ride as you travel from lake to lra mussels attach to any hard surface and may be attached to your boat, motor or trailer. Microscopic invasive species, like the spiny waterflea, can be transferred in surface water moved by your boat through the bilge, motor, live well, and transom wells.

What You Can Do

This short video shows boat owners how to Clean, Drain and Dry their boats to prevent invasive species from hitching a ride to the next lake, river or pond. You can take these 3 simple steps to make sure you are not carrying any Zebra or Quagga mussels into our provincial waters. New legislation in many Provinces require all boats be .......

 Cleaned,Drained and Dried.