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Septic Tips!

Tips for Septic System Protection -- If It Stinks...It Sinks....

Click here for NB Septic Guidelines...

 For a safe, cost-efficient and effective system:

  • Have your tank inspected and pumped every 2 to 5 years. (Use the schedule recommended by your local septic professional.)

  • Know where your septic system is located so you can take note of changes in the appearance on the surface.

  • Do not use a garburator. They contribute to the accumulation of solids and require more frequent pumping.

  • Do not plant trees or shrubs on or around the septic tank or drain field. The plants will block the sun, reducing the evaporation ability, and the roots can damage the drain field.

  • Plant grass on the field. Grassy vegetation helps the soil absorb water.

  • Do not dispose of hazardous chemicals down your drain, especially pesticides, paints, gas, etc.

  • Limit your use of bleach and strong disinfectants.

  • Do not flush sanitary pads, tampons, cigarettes or other small objects.

  • Schedule laundry loads evenly throughout the week. Try not to do all of the laundry in one day.

  • Limit excess water use:

      • Install efficient, low-flow toilets and showerheads.

      • Fix leaky faucets and showers.

      • Fix toilets that run continuously.

      • Do not allow roof gutters to drain into, on or near the septic system.

  • Do not park cars or heavy equipment above your tank or drain field. Doing so compacts the soil and reduces absorption.

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