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Prevent the spread of Eurasian water milfoil

03 April 2018

FREDERICTON (GNB) – The government wants people to be aware of the danger of Eurasian water milfoil spreading in New Brunswick waterways.

The invasive aquatic plant is known to impact waterways by forming dense mats of vegetation that displace native vegetation. The plant alters the habitat used by fish and other aquatic species and also affects the recreational and economical uses of waterways.

Eurasian water milfoil is difficult to eradicate because even small fragments can establish new plants in most aquatic habitats when transported by currents or by clinging to boating and fishing gear. Failure to remove clinging fragments from propellers, trailers or fishing gear before moving to a new body of water accelerates the spread of the plant throughout lakes and rivers.

People can reduce the spread of Eurasian water milfoil and other invasive species by:

  • Not disturbing mats of aquatic vegetation when boating.

  • Cleaning all visible aquatic plants, animals and mud from watercrafts (including canoes, kayaks, Jet Skis, boats and motors), trailers and other personal gear (such as waders, fishing lines and lures).

  • Drying all personal gear between uses.

  • Draining all the water from a boat, including its livewell, bilge and motor.

  • Washing watercrafts with high-pressure or hot water, or drying for at least five days.

  • Never releasing plants, fish or other animals, or live bait into any body of water where it did not originate.

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