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Water Milfoil is Near

Eurasian Water-Milfoil -- Update -- Here are some pictures taken this past Friday along the Meduxnekeag River (aka Creek) by the NBCC boat launch. Yes, after closer eximanation it is indeed Eurasian Water Milfoli. The video shows sludge with who knows what growing in it...totally disgusting. After a drive along the River Road you can also see evidence of this dreaded invasive species.

Again our ask is if you are using your watercraft (including kayak) away from Skiff Lake, or have guests arriving with their Ski Jet or boat for a fun day on the lake....remember the code and ask -- did you drain, rinse and dry your boat after last launch?

Here is a link with additional intel. We need 100% support in order to combat this unwanted invasive weed. Thanks!

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