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Eurasian Water - Milfoil is the gift that .....

 will continue to give.  

Clean Drain Dry -- Stop The Spread

Using Mapping to Reflect Negative Affects

Skiff Laske With Waster Milfoil.jpg
  • How would Skiff Lake look if Eurasian Water Milfoil found its way here?  By using mapping tools,  we can determine a large portion of the lake would be infested.

  • The green represents potential affected areas.

  • A lake can become totally infested within two years of being introduced.  

  • It can grown in water depths from .01 meters up to 10 meters

Clean Drain Dry


All watercraft should be washed throughly immediately before and or after entry to a body of water.  Eurasian Water Milfoil can live up to 5-7 days and it a watercraft.  The entire boat needs to be washed, bilge, and all plugs removed when transporting.

EWF Family Tree 1.jpg

Can Milfoil Destroy a Lake?

Nearly uncontrollable, it can attack virtually any lake. This weed infestation lowers property values and undermines enjoyment of the lake. Once introduced in a lake, this plant has the capacity to spread to virtually all areas with depths less than 20 feet

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